STILL HAVING DOUBTS?Usual questions from our clients

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Who are your typical clients?

Our clientele come from all walks of life with one common thread: they want to make their home a sanctuary, experience the benefits of interior design, and achieve an environment that is healing and peaceful. Their homes come in every size – from condos to mansions, but they all have that same-shared goal.

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Do you offer free consultations?

As much as we wish every service could be complimentary (free mani/pedi anyone?!) we have to charge a fee for consultations due to the amount of time and energy put into the site visit and proposals we put forth. Even if you don’t continue to work with us after the consultation, most clients have thanked us regardless. (Please note if you cancel your consultation without a 2 hour notice, a cancellation fee will apply)

How long does it take?

Each project is different – from a simple Feng Shui consultation to a whole house renovation – so obviously the time it takes varies. We can give you an estimated completion time when you begin your project and adjust along the way as circumstances dictate. If you have an event or deadline, we address that at the very beginning.

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